65814898_MConstruction contractors have a tough job and are tasked with trying to operate both efficiently and cost effectively. That is not an easy job considering the shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry as well as the high cost of construction materials.

A construction contractor’s clients expect him to deliver a project completed on time and on budget while maintaining a high-quality product. The only way this can be achieved is to learn how to complete construction projects in the most cost-efficient way possible.

1) Effective communication

Operational efficiency on construction jobsites means finding ways to lower operating costs. One aspect of operational efficiency means effectively communicating job tasks and expectations to every member of the construction project team. Using the wrong materials for a job, just as an example, means time and money wasted. If the message is not clearly understood, the materials must be replaced, and the construction project manager must take care of the costs—meaning he cannot pass the cost on to the customer since the mistake was his fault.

2) Time management

Another aspect of efficiency on construction jobsites is effective time management. Scheduling workers to make sure the project is completed on time can be challenging, especially if some members of the team do not show up on time or if certain team members are less productive than others.

3) Employee motivation

While it may seem that it would not be the construction manager’s job to keep his employees motivated, it is to his advantage to do so. A happy worker is a productive worker. Keeping workers motivated will increase productivity and help the project to get completed on time and on budget. Regular check-ins with employees to update them on the status of the project are appreciated by workers. It also gives the manager an opportunity to discuss any areas of concern with employees.

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