23061069 - oil tanks at sunset , hongkong tung chungStorage tank removal is a common part of environmental groundwater cleanup to help keep drinking water safe. These contractors have a job that requires a high degree of competence and technical precision, and workers face potential dangers and hazards in completing their jobs on a daily basis.

Storage tanks are used by many types of commercial entities, such as transportation companies, manufacturers, chemical plants, waste/water treatment plants and others. According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are over 550,000 underground storage tank facilities across the nation storing hazardous materials.

When an underground storage tank releases hazardous chemicals, it causes contamination to the soil, groundwater and air quality. The clean up of these sites is essential to the health and well-being of millions of Americans. Underground storage tank (UST) releases are more common than you might think. The EPA reports as of March 2019, there were more than 545,000 releases. This growing number of UST releases makes the work of environmental contractors involved in storage tank removal an essential part of the EPA’s efforts in cleaning up contaminated sites.

The amount of cleanup for UST sites varies depending on the amount of contamination involved. These sites can cost millions to clean up and the process may take years in the most complex cases. Other sites have limited contamination and may be cleaned up with limited time and costs involved.

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