134028114_MNo matter what type of work you and your company perform on a construction site, you’re likely to have some amount of environmental risk. Virtually any job site or construction activity is at risk for a costly environmental incident. And any contractor working on a project should have a risk management plan and adequate insurance in place. You may not think that some types of contractors have any environmental risk, but most do. Even contractors providing roofing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, plumbing and other seemingly low-risk services could be at risk.

That’s why Contractors Pollution Liability is so important. CPL fills in the gap left by exclusions found in most Commercial General Liability policies for environmental incidents and issues. At C&S Specialty Underwriters, we offer Contractors Pollution Liability coverage to help a wide variety of contractors protect themselves from financial difficulties/disasters.

Our Environmental Package policy offers Commercial General Liability and Contractor’s Pollution Liability for environmental contractors, Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability for environmental consultants, and monoline Contractor’s Pollution Liability for non-environmental contractors. All combined policies are written on ISO commercial general liability-based forms.

Some contractors are contractually required to purchase CPL coverage as part of working on an individual construction project. Even those contractors that aren’t required to purchase CPL should consider purchasing it as part of a basic asset protection/risk management plan. One environmental incident can financially devastate a general contractor or subcontractor.

We provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage and cleanup costs arising from the operations of the policyholder. Perhaps even more important, there’s a broad pollution definition that includes fungi, bacteria, allergens and electronic magnetic fields. Not all environmental coverage is created equal — it’s important to compare coverages. The only thing worse than being uninsured for environmental risks is being underinsured or coverage that doesn’t quite fit what you do.

Our goal is to be a leading provider of a diversified portfolio of specialty insurance products to select agent, broker and carrier partners with a focus on technology to deliver those products. We provide a superior customer experience to our agents and brokers through a foundation of sound underwriting and operating practices to protect our carrier partners. We make it easy to get the coverage contractors and consultants need. Environmental insurance may be complicated, but getting the coverage you need from C&S Specialty Underwriters is simple. Questions? Give us a call at (404) 227-3535.