Construction site atmosphere

Businesses in the construction industry face substantial and unique liability risks. That’s why we offer a Construction General Liability package policy. CGL coverage can help make sure that your company can recover from a legal claim stemming from a mistake or accident that causes bodily injury or property damage.

Legal defense and court expenses can add up for any business. Even if you’re not at fault, the defense costs associated with one legal claim can threaten the business you’ve worked so hard to build. And if you are found liable, any damages to the injured or affected party can be much more than your company can handle on its own. The right type and amount of Construction General Liability coverage is a must.

We provide coverage to general and trade/artisan contractors (commercial and residential) with revenues generally under $10 million in the following classes:

• HVAC Contractors

• Concrete Construction (at work, drive ways and patios)

• Door & Window Contractors performing installation work solely for repair, remodel, and additions

• Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk contractor

• Floor Covering Installation

• Electrical Contractors

• Plumbing Contractors (less than 2 stories)

• Masonry Contractors (at work, drive ways and patios)

• General Contractors – Residential Custom Home Builders (less than 5 homes per year)

• General Contractors – Commercial

• Painting Contractors

• Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo Work – interior construction

• Landscaping including lawn treatment

• Interior Carpentry

• Solar Contractors

• Metal Erection – nonstructural

• Residential and Commercial Artisan and General Contractors performing repair/remodel/addition work.

Contractor’s pollution coverage is available on an occurrence or claims made basis. As part of our standard coverage package, we offer blanket (where required by written contract) additional insured, primary/non-contributory and waiver of subrogation endorsements. Policy limits up to $2 million per occurrence/$2 million aggregate are available on “A” XV AmBest Rated carrier. Premiums begin at $2,000, with deductibles as low as $1,000.

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