Construction site atmosphereEven the jobsites run by the most seasoned construction managers can have things go very wrong. It only takes one mishap for everything to spiral out of control and for a construction project to be shut down. When work shuts down, no one is happy. Workers do not get paid, clients do not get the work they paid the contractor to do, vendors do not get paid, etc. It is a downward spiral of events.

Customers expect deadlines to be met. If a contractor does not meet the terms and conditions of his agreement, customers have the right to sue for breach of contract. There are many ways a breach can happen. Here are just a few:

• The contractor’s work does not meet industry standards/expectations.
• The contractor misrepresents himself or his qualifications to the customer.
• The general contractor has not paid the subcontractors for duties performed.
• Someone gets hurt because of the contractor’s negligence.
• The contractor’s work has a construction defect.

Contractor lawsuits can be very complex and difficult, as well as very expensive to defend. Because of the special expertise and expert witnesses required at trial on both sides, the process can be very long and tedious. With so many ways to breach a contractual obligation and the high cost of lawsuit defenses, construction contractors need a contractor’s liability insurance policy to protect their interests.

With a contractor’s liability insurance policy, any awards that arise from a lawsuit are paid by the insurance. The policy also pays for attorney’s fees, court fees, legal experts, investigation costs and any other type of legal expenses incurred in the defense of a lawsuit.

Contractors need a liability insurance policy specifically designed for the unique risks they face. C&S Specialty Insurance provides construction contractors with a customized liability insurance package that protects them from potential lawsuits when things go wrong on the jobsite.