business people and engineers on meetingAccording to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for construction managers is expected to grow 11% by 2026, adding 44,800 jobs. This is faster than the job average for all occupations. Median pay varies from $44,000 to $93,000 per year.

Job description

Because of the complex nature of the work involved including planning, coordinating, budgeting and project supervision; most construction managers have a minimum education requirement of a bachelor’s degree, and much of the training is completed on-the-job. In some cases, work experience can be substituted for a degree.


Certification for construction managers is available to help with the complexities of the process. The Constructor Certification Program offers two programs; the Associate Constructor (AC) and the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC). You can learn more about the certification process here.

Associate Constructor (AC)

The Associate Constructor (AC) certification is the first level of certification available to graduates of 4-year construction management degree programs or to those who have entered construction from another industry. Continuing education is required to maintain the certification. After completion of training, applicants must pass an examination to obtain the AC certification.

Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)

The CPC certification for construction managers is the highest level of certification and is ideal for managers with several years of experience with project oversight. The AC certification is a prerequisite for obtaining the CPC certification.

The CPC training focuses on ethics and professionalism in construction management. Companies look for construction managers with this type of advanced certification, and obtaining the CPC certification gives managers an advantage in gaining the most desirable construction projects. Applicants must complete an online application including experience forms.

Approved applicants can take an online prep course before taking the CPC examination. Continuing education requirements are necessary to maintain the CPC certification.

Being a construction manager takes a high level of education and training. They must have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the complexities of modern construction projects. C&S Specialty Underwriters knows the risks construction managers face. We have liability insurance packages designed to specifically cover these risks. Contact us for insurance solutions for your contractor clients.