Silhouette of Engineer and workers checking project at buildingIf you have clients who are general contractors in the oil and gas, consulting, construction or other industries, you know their unique risks require specialty insurance products. C&S Specialty Underwriters is the construction and environmental insurance specialist! We have the following products available for construction and environmental risks.

Environmental Contractors and Consultants Package Policy

The combined policy is a unique product that includes commercial general liability as well as contractor’s general liability and/or environmental consultant’s professional liability. This is the complete package and includes all the liability coverage your professional consultant/contractor clients will need. Bodily injury, clean-up expenses, and property damage from operations/services are all included and optional coverage can be added by endorsement. This combined policy is written on the ISO commercial general liability form.

Contractor’s Pollution Liability Policy

This policy is offered on an occurrence or claims-made basis. Pollution liability coverage is provided and covers the costs of clean-up, property damage or bodily injury resulting from your client’s operations. Coverage is available in all states and includes transportation pollution liability, waiver of subrogation, mold remediation, defense costs and more. We can also design project specific policies upon request. Coverage is available for limits up to $11 million per occurrence and $11 million in the aggregate.

Construction General Liability Policy

The construction general liability policy was designed with commercial and residential general contractors/artisan contractors in mind. The basic commercial general liability policy can be endorsed to include transportation, contractor’s pollution liability and employee benefits liability. Additional insured, primary/non-contributory and waiver of subrogation all come as standard coverage. Limits begin at $2 million per occurrence and $2 million in the aggregate. Coverage is available on an occurrence or claims-made basis.

Specifically, it can cover:

  • Client and third-party injuries: Accidents can happen on a construction jobsite no matter what safety precautions are in place. If a third-party or client is injured on the jobsite, any ongoing medical expenses and court-awarded compensation claims are paid.
  • Completed products coverage: Any services completed by construction contractors are covered against any faulty installations or products that cause injuries. Any legal expenses and damages are paid up to the policy’s limits.
  • Property damage: A construction contractor can be sued for any damages caused to a property while work is being completed, such as a remodeling contractor who damages a home. The liability coverage will pay for any property damage caused.
  • Advertising injury: Advertising injuries include lawsuits for libel, slander, privacy invasion or copyright infringement. This could come from misleading advertisements including social media posts or false or misleading information printed on company fliers.
  • Medical expense claims: The medical expense portion of contractor’s liability pays for immediate medical attention for visitors or clients injured while visiting a construction jobsite.

We offer coverage in all states with the exception of New York, Colorado and Nevada.

We will be happy to go over all of the coverage options your contractor clients may need. Just give us a call, anytime. We are here to serve you!