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Lawsuits against environmental contractors

Without environmental liability insurance, the outcome of negligence lawsuits against environmental contractors are left up to a judge to decide.

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What makes a contracting business successful?

Strong leadership is one trait necessary for successful construction contractors. Do your contractor clients understand what it takes to be a success?

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Four steps in planning a construction marketing plan

Sometimes referrals alone do not generate the business needed for construction contractors to remain profitable. A well-defined marketing plan can help a contracting business reach its full potential.

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Contractor’s liability—for when things go wrong

Any number of things can go wrong on a construction jobsite. Contractor’s liability protects the contractor’s interests when things go wrong.

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3 top pollution disasters and their impacts on society

Take a look at the environmental and societal impacts of 3 of the biggest pollution disasters of our time.

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Spring is a busy time for water restoration contractors

Spring is a busy time of year for water restoration contractors with many homeowners experiencing flood damage.

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The dangers of mold after a flooding event

Mold after a flood poses serious health hazards to homeowners and should be removed professionally by a mold abatement specialist.

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Pollution liability insurance and statutes of repose

Statues of repose affect pollution liability insurance for contractors. It’s definitely worth finding out more to make sure your contractor clients are protected.

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To preserve and protect

We understand the unique liability risks facing fire and restoration contractors. Let us help your clients with an equally unique insurance plan.

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Asbestos exposure dangers for environmental contractors

Environmental contractors who work with asbestos are exposed to health risks. Measures can be taken to reduce exposure levels and protect workers.

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