This is the job of restoration companies—to preserve and protect a building and its contents after damage from a major event such as a fire or flood. People want the clean-up to begin quickly following a disaster so they can go on with their lives. Fire & water restoration contractors are often the first on the scene after an event to start picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess so the home or building can be restored to its prior condition.

People depend heavily on restoration services after they have experienced a disaster. It takes great expertise and skill to properly restore property that has been devastated by fire or water. They often work long hours and are ready whenever duty calls. They encounter contaminants that can be harmful and must wear protective gear to prevent physical illness and injury.

Restoration contractors must carefully inspect each scene for the clean-up that needs to take place and will review with property owners what steps need to happen to work toward complete restoration. All work to be performed is specifically detailed in the contract signed by the client. Where do problems arise? If a client happens to find an area that was not properly cleaned after a fire or flood event, excess moisture can cause further damage to the home. This exposes fire & restoration contractors to unique liability risks.

Do you have clients working with fire & water restoration services? C&S Specialty Underwriters specializes in the unique liability risks faced by environmental contractors and can provide a liability package to cover the specialty contracting services your clients provide. Our environmental contractor’s/consultant’s package policy combines commercial general liability with contractor’s pollution liability and/or environmental consultant’s professional liability into one convenient policy. Contact us to discuss insurance solutions for your clients.