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OSHA standards for construction site safety

34057267_MConstruction is a dangerous job. Did you know that more than 20 percent of occupational fatalities are in construction? Construction workers engage in any number of hazardous activities that expose them to injuries, including falls from roofs, being struck by heavy equipment, pinned between pieces of equipment, electrocutions, asbestos exposure and injuries caused by unguarded machinery.

According to OSHA, prime contractors and subcontractors are equally responsible for complying with safety standards while performing job duties. They must use “reasonable care” to insure workers’ safety, including making sure the required safety practices are followed.

What does OSHA define as reasonable care? It generally requires periodic worksite inspections, implementation of a safety program, along with establishing a system for correcting hazardous working conditions. Employers can find help in establishing their own safety programs by reading OSHA’s recommended practices for safety and health in construction.

If OSHA finds violations during an inspection, the primary contractor, subcontractor and any other parties deemed responsible could potentially be cited. The time to be concerned about construction site safety is before accidents occur, and one way to be prepared is by offering OSHA training. The OSHA 30-hour training courses train construction workers and supervisors on safety regulations and requirements. Supervisors are trained to recognize safety hazards along with ways to predict, avoid, control and prevent hazards on the job site.

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