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Lawsuits against environmental contractors

57670940 - specialist in combating mold in an apartmentEnvironmental contractors work in hazardous situations every day. They face unique challenges on the job and expose themselves to situations which can result in property damage or injury to others. When you work in a dangerous environment, accidents can and will happen. If an environmental contractor is found to be negligent in causing damage to property or physical injury to others, legal action can be taken.

Some of the most common types of environmental litigation include damages caused to property or injuries occurring as the result of environmental remediation efforts. Injuries can occur if a third-party is exposed to dangerous substances such as asbestos, which can cause long-term health issues. A contractor can be sued if they have been negligent and not taken the proper precautions to guard against contamination. If the contaminants reach the water or soil, the resulting property damage could result in a lawsuit.

Professional liability negligence can also end in legal action if an environmental contractor’s recommendations or actions during remediation efforts result in a pollution incident, even if the contractor did not actually perform the work that caused the damage.

Willful misconduct or extreme negligence can be claimed by injured parties, and it is left up to a judge to decide the outcome. Environmental liability insurance protects the contractor from these types of negligence claims. If your clients need environmental liability coverage, you may be confused on where to turn. With few industry standards and more than 100 different types of environmental impairment or pollution liability coverage on the market, it can be a confusing process, to say the least.

C&S Specialty Underwriters understands the unique types of risks environmental contractors face on the job every day. We offer comprehensive liability packages to protect your environmental contractor clients against lawsuits. Contact us to discuss coverage options.