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Environmental liability is about more than just hazardous waste

24081240_SWhen most people think of environmental liability insurance, they think about a toxic chemical spill or a nuclear disaster. There is a lot more to environmental liability insurance coverage than the obvious things that come to mind. Contractors deal with all sorts of pollutants that could pose an environmental liability threat including lead, asbestos, mold, fungi, bacteria and more.

Environmental pollution events are relatively rare, but when they do happen, they can be very expensive. Because environmental/pollution liability coverage is excluded from most commercial policies, environmental contractors need a special form of coverage to make sure their interests are protected.

The world of environmental risks is one that’s constantly changing along with the insurance needs of contractors who deal with exposures on a daily basis. New laws go into effect regulating water quality, solid waste disposal, and other environmental hazards.

C&S Specialty Underwriters offers The Environmental Contractor’s/Consultant’s package policy which combines commercial general liability coverage with contractor’s pollution liability coverage in one convenient policy. A wide range of environmental services are covered under this policy for all types of environmental risks including mold/soil remediation, storage tank removal, asbestos/lead remediation, carpet/upholstery cleaning, and other environmental consultant services. The limits go up to $11 million per occurrence and $11 million aggregate.

Environmental insurance is not “one size fits all.” In fact, there are over 100 different types of environmental insurance policies. It can be hard to find the right coverage for clients without clearly defined industry standards. We know environmental contractors and specialize in placing this type of client with the right environmental liability coverage.

If you have hard-to-place environmental contractor clients, we can provide a comprehensive liability package to fit the bill. Contact us for further information or to schedule a consultation.