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C&S Specialty Underwriters prides itself on providing exceptional service in the insurance marketplace. Whatever your insurance needs may be, we strive to:

• Provide quick response and turn around.
• Provide stable, quality insurance coverage at competitive rates.
• Assist insureds in avoiding the cycles of hard-to-find coverage and volatile pricing of the standard insurance market.
• Help insureds evaluate and gain control of their insurance needs and programs.

Please contact us for information on our products and services.

Steve Crim
Managing Executive
T. 678.398.4594 | F. 678.999.5121

Joe Scollo
Managing Executive
T. 678.398.4593 | F. 678.999.5121

Preston Starr
Managing Executive
T. 678.435.0035 | F. 678.999.5121

Orlando Castaneda
Underwriting Manager
T. 404-909-4155 | F. 678.999.5121

Malcolm Smith
Senior Underwriter
T. 404.647.9550 | F. 678.999.5121

Bernice Thomas, CPCU, AU
Senior Underwriting Consultant
T. 404.971.6504 | F. 678.999.5121

Danielle Churchman
T. 404.702.9132 | F. 678.999.5121

Robin Bennett-Mazyck
Operations Manager
T. 678.398.4595| F. 678.999.5121

Roz Coleman
Underwriting Assistant
T. 404-602-9510 | F. 678.999.5121

Miranda James
Systems and Office Manager
T. 678-621-1771 | F. 678.999.5121

Francisco Segovia
Accounting Manager
T. 678.398.4596 | F. 678.999.5121


To Send a Submission: Email your underwriter.