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(C&S Specialty Underwriters) Mold liability is a tricky business – we can help

Why mold can be disastrous for all contractors

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Soil remediation: are you covered?

If you’re in the soil remediation field, you want to make sure you’re protected with proper insurance. Learn more here…

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The link between lead exposure and children’s IQ scores

Identifying lead sources in the environments where people spend time is vital to safeguarding public health. Are you covered?

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Do you need insurance for upholstery cleaning?

Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning is not without its risks. Did you know, each of these exposures can be addressed with the proper insurance policies?

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Protect your business with a construction general liability insurance policy

Construction is a dangerous industry to work in. Protect your employees and your business with a construction general liability insurance policy.

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The first asbestos studies

Are you insured for environmental hazards like asbestos? We can help.

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“Suiting up” for mold remediation

Learn more about the FDA guidelines for entering a mold-infested building.

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Protect yourself with a construction general liability policy

We offer the 2013 edition of the ISO Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy to general and trade/artisan contractors (both commercial and residential). Learn more about the benefits of this policy here:

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Did you know that we offer a Contractors Pollution Liability coverage?

Environmental insurance isn’t just for contractors who work with hazardous waste. Learn about how Contractors Pollution Liability insurance helps protect a wide range of contracting businesses.

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